Audio Samples

The Origin
"A Taste For Collecting Beetles", "This Is The Question", and "Annie's Memorial" excerpts from The Origin featuring the female Balkan vocal ensemble Kitka. This CD is available for download on iTunes and through Richard's Store.

The Origin Bremen
"A Great Tree" and "Wandering Birds" excerpts from The Origin, performed in Bremen in 2012 featuring Mezzosorprano Alison Browner, Baritone Michael Dries, Conductor Susanne Glaess, and the University of Bremen Orchestra.

Voices of Light
"Exclamavit" and "Torture" excerpts from the Sony Classical recording of Voices of Light featuring Anonymous 4 as the voice of Joan of Arc. This CD is available for purchasing on iTunes as well as through Richard's Store.

The Passion of Joan of Arc
Also available is the Criterion Collection DVD of The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Dead of Winter
"The Drive North" "Drugged Hot Chocolate" and "Katie's Fake Escape / Katie & Evelyn Fight"excerpts from the soundtrack to Dead of Winter. The limted edition 2010 release is available for purchasing at Kritzerland.

My Many Colored Days
"Bright Blue Days" and "My Black Days" from My Many Colored Days. Available on DVD and Video from or your favorite online DVD/Video store.

Maxwell's Demon
Maxwell's Demon #4 (from the New York City Ballet production of Red Angels.) Performed by Mary Rowell. Only a limited number of copies of this CD are available for sale- please visit the "Red Angels" link on the left for information as to how to purchase a copy.

New Pages
New Pages (excerpt) for 2 Harps performed by Elizabeth Panzer. This CD ("Dancing In Place") is available for purchase from oodiscs records online.

Fire Eater
"Hymn Reprise" from Fire Eater.

Metamorphosis of the Vampire
Excerpt from Metamorphosis of the Vampire.

The Silence
Excerpt (Section 3) from The Silence.

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