About the DVD

Now, you can see this great cinematic union in the comforts of your own home! Carl Dreyer's film masterpiece The Passion of Joan of Arc is available on DVD from Criterion and Home Vision Entertainment. And featured as the the musical soundtrack is Voices of Light! You can purchase this DVD from Richard's Store or any Music/DVD/Video retailer (HMV, Tower Video, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, etc.).

This release was even mentioned as part of a national TV advertising campaign.

In addition to the film and music, other (special) features on the DVD include a segment on the (amazing) history of the film and an interview with Helene Falconetti, whose mother played Joan of Arc in what many have described as one of the all-time-best acting performances ever recorded.

All and all, see why the critics have made The Passion of Joan of Arc one of their top-ten favorite DVD releases.