Richard Einhorn's
Voices of Light

Photos and Other Images

Here are the pictures from March 17, 2001 performance of Voices of Light in Fairfax, VA; the conductor shown is Doug Mears and the orchestra and chorus are part of the Fairfax Choral Society.

Here are other pictures and images of Joan of Arc, including stills from The Passion of Joan of Arc directed by Carl Dreyer:

Actress Renee Falconetti as Joan in Carl Dreyer's film, The Passion of Joan of Arc .

Voices of Light - The Sony Classical CD.

The Trial of Joan of Arc (1911) by French artist Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1850-1913).

Falconetti as Joan of Arc clutching a cross.

Joan crying.

Composer Richard Einhorn with a rehearsal of Voices of Light in the background.