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Sept. 14, 2010

Richard Einhorn Releases New EP - THE ORIGIN - 

Music Inspired by the Life and Work of Charles Darwin

Performed by Acclaimed Female Vocal Ensemble KITKA

(New York, NY): Composer Richard Einhorn released today an exciting and unusual new EP featuring music from The Origin performed by the extraordinary female Balkan ensemble KITKA.

Hailed at its premiere as "an imaginative work layered with profound insight" (The Post Standard), THE ORIGIN is a multimedia oratorio that celebrates the life and work of Charles Darwin, one of the world's greatest and most influential scientists. Centered upon the making of Darwin's masterwork, The Origin of Species, the work is scored for soloists, chorus, orchestra, and female Balkan vocal ensemble and includes video projections by well-known filmmaker Bill Morrison.

The six songs on the EP focus exclusively on Darwin's life using texts - compiled by poet Catherine Barnett and Richard Einhorn - drawn from Darwin's deeply eloquent letters and autobiography. They tell the wildly hilarious saga of the young Darwin's beetle obsession and also the tragic, wrenching story of the death of his 10-year-old daughter. They also describe his world voyage of discovery; his pious wife's lifelong worries about Darwin's ideas; and the political machinations behind the announcement of his revolutionary theory.

Drawing upon Balkan folk music traditions - from a haunting lyrical purity to ecstatic shouts and noises - Kitka's startling acapella performances create a riveting and utterly unique musical experience that challenges our preconceptions of Darwin and deepens our insight into the epochal nature of his achievement.

Composer Richard Einhorn is best known for the critically acclaimed and wildly popular Voices of Light, which merges the legendary silent film masterpiece "The Passion of Joan of Arc" with an opera/oratorio performed by solo voices, chorus, and orchestra. Hailed as a masterpiece, Voices of Light has been performed more than 200 times throughout the world - from New York's Lincoln Center to the Sydney Opera House and was a best - selling CD released by Sony Classical.

THE ORIGIN is available for purchase on iTunes, other online stores and on CD through the composer's website: 

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