New CD available! Music from THE ORIGIN

Performed by KITKA as "The Voice of Charles Darwin"

- SEPTEMBER 2010 NEW RELEASE - six song EP with full liner notes, lyrics, and photos available for purchase below.

The 2010 release features six songs from THE ORIGIN performed acapella by the acclaimed female Balkan vocal ensemble KITKA. To listen to some audio samples please visit Richard's Audio. The CD is available for download on iTunes and other online digital stores. To purchase THE ORIGIN along with other works by Richard Einhorn and for some exciting new package options including signed copies please visit our STORE. Find more information and download the official press release here.


The Origin

2008: The Latest Opera/Oratorio by Richard Einhorn!

THE ORIGIN is a multimedia oratorio in celebration of the life and work of Charles Darwin, one of the world's greatest and most influential thinkers. Scored for soloists, chorus, orchestra, female Balkan vocal group, and video projections, the piece centers upon the making of Darwin's masterwork: The Origin of Species.

As its libretto, THE ORIGIN uses texts drawn exclusively from Darwin's deeply eloquent writing. Some of the texts are autobiographical, such as Darwin's private notes on the profound loss of his ten-year-old daughter. However, Darwin's mind is the main subject as he develops, struggles, and enthusiastically describes his theory of the evolution of new species through natural selection, which is often praised as "the single best idea anyone has ever had."

While informed by Darwin's theories and history, the piece is hardly didactic or historical. Instead, much of the time, it is simply joyous--often humorously so. For Darwin, understanding the natural world was a wonderful opportunity for serious fun. The sheer delight Darwin takes in trying to make sense of the world shines through all of his writings on nature as he speculates on whether an oyster dreams of the future or as he grapples with how the human eye could possibly evolve. Darwin's nature was to be curious, in every sense of the word.

The exciting and haunting sound of a Balkan female vocal group is used as the "Voice of Charles Darwin." This unusual choice becomes, when heard, perfectly obvious because it helps change our preconception of who Darwin was, making both the man and his science more easily accessible. One of the finest American-based Balkan groups, Kitka, premiered the piece and is available for more performances.

Hailed at its premiere as " imaginative work layered with profound insight..." (The Post-Standard), THE ORIGIN celebrates the often enigmatic and exceedingly wonderful nature of human thought and achievement.

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